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Helping entrepreneurs create a business that supports their wildest dreams (and fantasies), while empowering women in tech.
Oh yes, hover over me.
Lip Smacking Red Mouth

 Everything we do has an element of fun — cheeky puns and double entendres are part of our vocabulary!

Friends Hugging

We approach everything and everyone with kindness and respect. This is a place where you can ask questions and receive answers without fear or judgement.

Love Cereal

Business is hard. We don’t have to be. We employ empathy with every interaction - IRL and digitally. 

Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

 At the heart of it, we’re really a bunch of badasses running successful businesses and want to showcase our talents and skills and inspire others to do the same. No flexing here. Just hardcore business smarts.

goals & Objectives


Empower and inspire new and advanced bot builders of all walks of life from around the globe with chat marketing strategies, tips and hacks with a playful twist — our strategies will make you say OMG YES!


Support women in a largely male-dominated tech environment so they feel comfortable to seek help and advice without feeling intimidated.


Invite fellow “Bot Babes” from the wider bot-building community to share ideas, stories and strategies with each other.

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