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The 2 Easy Ways to Reengage Your Subscribers After the First 24 Hours (And Stay Compliant)

There are a lot of people wanting to know about the 24 hour Facebook Messenger rule and how email and SMS can reengage your chatbot subscribers, so let’s dive into it.

**Please note this video was recorded before the Messenger Compliance date changed to March 4th 2020; however all information in there regarding strategies is still current. Cool.**

The 24+1 Rule is Going “Bye Bye”

Until March 4th, you’re allowed to send a message to someone who has interacted with your bot in the last 24 hours and then one follow up.

So basically the plus one message, which is the one follow up that you can send after that 24-hour window is going away and now you can only send a message to someone who has interacted with your bot in the last 24 hours. You can only message these people, which makes your audience really small, if they're not performing actions which is hitting quick replies, typing buttons and typing messages.

Here’s the article on this change on the official ManyChat’s blog.

How to Reengage Your Subscribers Using SMS and Email

So, what we need to do now is reengage them using other channels. So the other channels we have for this are SMS. If you're in the US you will have this, I don't have this, I'm in Australia. (We have kangaroos that deliver our mail and our SMSs as you know.😉)

So if you are in the US and you have this, enable it, enable it, read your terms and service, get your phone number. You will get one phone number for free SMS are charged at like one third of a cent or 3 cents or something crazy. You will then get another number.

If you send like 500 messages, you've got to get numbers for each of every 500 lots of messages you send. It's just something that I looked at online and saw that that was a restriction. But if you enable that and you're in the US please use it because you'll be able to reopen that 24 hour window where you can communicate with people.

Now, for anyone outside of the US and everywhere else, this is what you're going to look at. You're going to look at your email, so this is my email. It's enabled. You're going to enable it, set it up, put your address in there. It's everything that you will have in terms of what you're going to have to send your emails normally, like you would have MailChimp, you'd have all this information in it to keep you compliant. This is what you're going to have in ManyChat to use it.

How to Get Your Subscribers’ Phone Numbers & Email Addresses (Legally)

So, let's have a look at what that looks like I've got a flow. You will need to send this out. Yes, I have everything running in here all of the things. This is your email user consent request, which I have modified to be more of my language. Here are the two official ManyChat templates: one for SMS, one for email.

So basically this just says, "Hey, I'm going to send you some stuff by email. It's going to happen between this time. I need you to confirm your email and then you're going to then get them to expressly confirm."

So after you've done this ManyChat are still testing both SMS and email and seeing what people think of it. After you've sent this out, you have then got express permission to contact these people via email.

How to Send an SMS or Email Within ManyChat

And you can do it directly in ManyChat. So, it's going to be like you can do it as a broadcast, new broadcast and then you're going to want to click this button here and you're going to want to go “send email”.

Then make that the starting step and you're going to want to delete this as a part. So this will be your email it's the same as every other email. There’s a subject, pre headline that and open it in Messenger. (See Video.)

You're going to send this out to someone, it's going to go to their email and then you'll bring them back into messenger, which will restart the 24 hour window.

So, what I suggest doing is any strategies that you have moving forward, like sequences like any other things that you've got going out in terms of things that happen in terms of smart delays that are over 24 hours that you might have something crazy like I've got one that goes out after three days I'm going to have to make that in 23 hours instead because I don't want to reinvent the wheel.

Shake Things Up: Including Email & SMS in Your Strategy 📱

So make sure you put email in as a strategy to reengage people. This is the only way you can reengage people. So all of your strategies moving forward are going to have to include this. So make sure that you are doing it so you're compliant and that's what we love, we love compliance.

So you type everything in there and it will send an email, bring them back into messenger and stop that 24 hour window again. So that will just be something you'll probably change. Like I'm thinking I will change a sequence that I have.

Make one of the sequences and email, bring them back in the bot, continue on. Because if they're not interacting with it, even though they've consented to receiving one message per day, like my sequences are one message per day for three days, even if they've consented, if they're not tapping along, they shouldn't really get day three. A lot of people are but you never know.

Compliance is Sexy 😍

Yes, that's right. This is what you're going to have to do to be compliant with the 24 hour rule. And that's what's going to happen now with that. So make sure you're compliant, make sure that you're doing everything that you should be.

And if you have any questions of course leave it below. I'll leave you the two templates below so you can go and grab those from ManyChat and be compliant.

But if you have any questions, let me know. But I want to make sure that we're all clear on that 24 hour rule, which changes on March 4th, 2020.

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