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One Shockingly Simple Facebook Messenger Campaign Strategy That Generates Results

This is a Facebook Messenger campaign that I created for my education institute client. I'm going to break it down super simple for you. Let's go!


The Ad

First, we created an ad which targeted the client's ideal customers. They are offering this qualification called Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). We created this ad targeting them. It was targeting women in a certain radius, and obviously Bachelor degree students, recent graduates, so we targeted school leavers, things like that.

Delivering the Guide

When they click on this button her that says, "Learn more," it opens the Facebook Messenger bot and delivers a free guide about TESOL and its benefits.

They'll get a free guide, and the free guide will look something like this when they say hey. This is the bot. I'll just screenshot this from the bot saying, "I can send you a copy of the free guide. Can you give me an email?" What happens here is, the user will type in their email, so my client will able to capture in their email.

From that moment on, once they type in their email the bot will say, "Hey, thanks so much for your email. Here's your guide." It will also pull that information into MailChimp and send an email saying, "Here's your guide."

Now, not only do you have them on ManyChat. You also have them as an email list. You've got them two ways now: One email, one in the bot, which is fantastic.

Qualifying Sequence

After that, I created a sequence. We set a delay of two hours, and then we send everyone who opted in for this guide five qualification questions to see if they're eligible for government funding. This is a bit of a copy. It says, "Let's see if you qualify for government funding before we get started. These questions apply to domestic students," and then you type below to get started with the five questions.

At the end of these questions we ask for the email address again, because leads will go to it, some leads won't. It will then trigger a notification to the sales team in real time. Real time, guys. This is so exciting. They can jump in straight away when the leads warm and help them enroll. That is very important. It's so exciting to see that.

Best of all, all of the answers that they've given to those five questions are taken directly from Messenger into a Google spreadsheet, and you can see all the answers they've put in there. We ask them things like the highest qualification, when are they looking to enroll. These sorts of answers that you can't get anywhere unless you physically ask the person, you will get it to them on the actual Google spreadsheet. You'll be able to see that for all time as well, which is amazing.

ManyChat Results

My client was thrilled with the results. They got 160 emails (later increased to 228 as shown in the screenshot above) captured for the guide. When the guide went out, 168 people actually gave their email address.

Plus, 109 people completed the government qualification sequence, which is the five questions that I talked about before. That's pretty incredible.

They've got 184 leads in there, and I do know 40 of them completed the full thing, as in submitting their answers. There's 40 hot leads ready to go in that spreadsheet.

Facebook Ad Results

Here are the ad results for their last campaign. It can tell you your growth, and how well the ad's doing. These ads, this morning I woke up to 13 subscriptions. That's one ad. One ad, $20 a day, 13 new subscribers. That's 13 leads they didn't have before that just came, $20 a day ad. They're paying literally chicken feed for these leads ranging between $3-$6 per lead, when originally they were paying $1,000 per lead using other methods. It is incredible.

Dashboard Results

Now, you've got to think of this. This has been running for two months now. They got 531 subscribers. I don't know about you, but I don't know any other campaign that can get you 531 subscribers in less than two months. This is actually less than two months. 19th of November's today, less than two months of the campaign, 531 subscribers. They are new subscribers, and they've got the email address of most of those subscribers too.

This is so exciting, but I just wanted to break down what we do in terms of paid traffic to get leads in Facebook Messenger. Everyone's getting confused with all the tech. This is basically what it is. It's getting you in leads that you can qualify, that you know are ready to buy, and when they're ready to buy. It's super affordable.

This is the bare basics of the campaign that I walk through with a lot of clients now. I just want to share it with you because everyone's getting super confused about platform changes, and compliance and everything that I release, which is obviously my jam because I'm so into it. This is really what it is in terms of what you want in business.

What you want to see is results, and so I want to show you how Facebook Messenger gets you those results.

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