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How to use Botsheets from the ManyChat App Store - A step by step guide to setting this up!

Did you catch the news from ManyChat's 2020 Conversations Conference that you can now seamlessly integrate third-party apps into your chatbot flows?

No more confusing tech or 6,000 Facebook groups, blogs, podcasts, and YouTube videos to follow to figure out how the items all operate together. It's Amazing! Mike Yan, the CEO of ManyChat dropped this wonderful news on October 6, 2020, and we're already using them the very same day! Can you tell that we're excited?

So, if you've heard about the incredible benefits of Botsheets. Like dynamic content made EASY - like stupid easy. So easy that you ONLY have to change something in a Google sheet for it to be updated EVERYWHERE in your chats.

Imagine giving your team access to the google sheet to update inventory, prices, and more without confusing them or giving them access to your ManyChat flows. IF you're an agency owner, this is key to protecting your IP. Well, now you can benefit from all of those goodies without leaving ManyChat and here's how:

What you'll need before using the Botsheets App from the ManyChat app store in your flows:

  1. a Google Sheet url

  2. Botsheets Key

  3. ManyChat API key

This image is from the settings menu in my ManyChat page's bot under the Apps. You can also just add /settings#apps to the end of your page's URL to get to it like this

In that setting, you'll see the Installed Apps like this

So, where do you get the information you need?

Google Sheets URL

Create a google sheet you want to house all of your dynamic content. One centralized repository that is like your bot bible, if you will. Grab the URL and copy and paste that into the 'Edit "Botsheets" settings window. It will look like this if you're using Chrome.

Then you'll copy and paste that URL (it starts with into your Botsheet settings like this

Great! Now let's get your Botsheets Key. This must be done through Botsheet's messenger bot.

You must interact with their bot which you can access at

When you click on that URL it will take you to Messenger. If you've not yet engaged with Botsheets before, you must click Get Started. Once you do, you can grab the key in 5 seconds!

The conversation will progress like this:

From their gallery menu, you'll want to click Get Started Again here:

Next, we'll want to confirm that this key is for ManyChat

After you provide them with your best email address, Botsheets will generate a key for you directly in messenger (note I blocked out part of my key)

And for the last step in integrating your Botsheets Key into the Botsheets settings in ManyChat is to copy and paste that key and place it here

Now, last but not least, let's add the ManyChat API Key so you're ready to get going!

You can find this in your Settings menu in your ManyChat account as seen here

If you haven't generated a key before, go ahead and click on Generate API Key. This is what it looks like if you've NEVER generated an API Key with ManyChat

And here's what it looks like if you've already generated a key before. If you've done it before, we highly recommend that you use that SAME key. Go ahead and copy and paste it.

Now, that you've grabbed that key and let's finish your Botsheets connection to your ManyChat account.

Et Voila! This is what your Botsheets settings should look like when complete. Granted, your URLs and keys will be different, but this should help you get the gist!

Once you've done all that, you should get a brief, successful pop up on your page like this

And just like that, you did it! Well done. We're really proud of you babes!

We hope this was a helpful guide. Excited to see what you're doing in your ManyChat messenger bots. Looking forward to connecting, soon 😘

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